Makeup Artist and Bridal Hair

Makeup Artist and Bridal Hair

Makeup Artist and Bridal Hair for Weddings in Vancouver

A makeup artist is a trained individual who makes beauty enhancements on a client’s body. In its most basic form, it improves a person’s look, by adding shading and enhancing features and/or flaws, with various cosmetic products and using specialized cosmetic tools. However, the person that you choose should be experienced, especially when it comes to weddings! They must also be able to provide excellent customer service and meet your expectations and budget. When you search for a makeup artist in Vancouver, BC, you want to make sure you:

Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

The professional you hire must be licensed or have extensive experience. This will ensure that they are following proper procedures and that they are capable of doing the work that you need. Once the person has been hired, they must be able to do the work you want done. For example, they should be able to do eyelash extensions, facial tattoos, henna tattooing, body piercing and so much more! If you have any concerns or inquiries, make sure to let the makeup artist know so that they can give you their opinion.

Choose Your Department Store

The makeup artist that you choose should be licensed at all local department shops. These shops offer quality cosmetic products and trained professionals who specialize in all kinds of services. Make sure that your department store is reputable and has high ratings with the Better Business Bureau. It would be extremely unpleasant to do business with a store that was continually sued, which would be the case if you selected a person from a department store that did not follow proper procedures or did not have licenses. You should only select a artists from stores that are licensed, and this will ensure that you are receiving the highest quality products and the highest standards of personal service.

Observe Their Make Up Training and Experience Prior

(see their examples of bridal hair or makeup work)

Before you select an artist, take time to observe their prior experience and training. Most fashion artists attend school before they start offering their services, but there are also some who only have a general interest in all types of cosmetics. Make sure that your chosen make up artist has completed both education programs and practice techniques. This will give you the assurance that your chosen professional has the knowledge and skill necessary to provide quality service.

Compare Salaries and Wages

When it comes to makeup artists working in the public eye, salaries can vary widely depending on location, industry and experience level. Salaries can range significantly, especially for those who are performing on a small budget, so it is important to compare the costs and overall value of the different professions in your area. If you are planning on starting your own business or conducting other types of artistic endeavors, you will want to compare the various salaries that are offered. In addition, you will want to determine if there are any other special benefits that will come with the position. For example, some positions offer full medical coverage and apprenticeship programs.

Negotiate Your Prices

If you are considering working with a freelancer, then you will likely need to negotiate the payment. Since the majority of them begin their careers working with large companies, they will typically get a higher pay rate than what they could achieve working for smaller, boutique-type businesses. While you will not be able to negotiate exactly what you want, you should still look at the rates that companies pay their employees. In particular, keep track of the average price.

Find Out About Their Policy Regarding apprenticeships

Most cosmetic companies hire apprentices as long as they are under the age of twenty-one. Many makeup artists often work without being supervised by a manager or a direct superior, so they can hone their natural beauty skills and apply makeup on their own. Unfortunately, not all employers to follow this same policy. Some will require their people to have some formal training, while others will not pay for any training. By asking the employer of your potential job about the process, you can make sure that you are getting the best possible pay.

Maximize Your Portfolio – When it comes to your day job, most artists use their portfolios to entice new customers (just like celebrity make-up artists). However, by using their portfolios as a reference for potential clients, you can also show off your natural beauty skills to existing clients as well. You can take photos of yourself in various poses, then create a description of each one. You can send these descriptions out to clients on your behalf, and the results will be impressive!

The Organic MakeUp Company

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